By collaboration, open discussion, and hope, we can empower others across the world in their pursuits of happiness.  I strive to help nonprofits and donors alike embrace the gifts of philanthropy to make sustainable impacts for peoples across the world.

By strengthening the nonprofit sector, I envision a world where:

  • All can live a pursuit of happiness;
  • All are free to love and worship as they so choose;
  • All have access to education, arts, and culture;
  • All opinions can be voiced freely;
  • All have access to opportunity;
  • All have access to second chances; and,
  • All families have adequate food, water, and health care.

Such a vision is indeed a utopia.  Some may even call it a heaven of sorts.  It may seem impossible.  Perhaps it is, perhaps it isn't.  However, such a vision is definitely impossible without everybody's participation, including you.