Did you know that most of your donors are only giving you about 20% of what they could be giving you if you gave them more attention?  Did you know that the majority of wills people leave to you are NOT from millionaires?  Did you know that some of the most effective direct mail campaigns may have goals to actually lose money for their organizations?  Why?  I've been engaged with nonprofits for several years now, and I want to help you and yours achieve success.  I want to do so through hard work, hope, and passion.

Here's How I Came to that Decision...

One of my favorite songs is This by Darius Rucker.  Indulge me as I launch my background with the chorus:

Every stoplight I didn’t make
Every chance I did or I didn’t take
All the nights I went too far
All the girls that broke my heart
All the doors that I had to close
All the things I knew but I didn’t know
Thank God for all I missed
’Cause it led me here to this!
— "This" by Darius Rucker

Such is true because I did not grow up in the easiest of times.  I grew up during trying times of my parents' divorce that has, to this day, segregated much of my family.  My mother at one point worked three jobs to support my three sisters and me.  Unfortunately, I was sometimes ridiculed for being the only student of Mexican descent at grade school.  Like my sisters, I worked as a janitor at my high school to help pay for tuition.

Things weren't necessarily easy, but I recognize that I was also blessed:

  • Blessed with the opportunity to pursue education through hard work;
  • Blessed with a loving mother and three sisters;
  • Blessed with the right to explore my own faith through religious education; and,
  • Blessed with access to clean water and food, even if it meant through food stamps.

I was blessed to learn and appreciate the values of hard work, hope, and passion.  This brought me to study theatre in college, release my own independent music album, and begin working with a great nonprofit organization:  the Midwest Augustinians.

But Why Nonprofits?

Working with the Augustinians, particularly with a re-developed "start from nearly scratch" fundraising office, brought me to realize something:  I love the nonprofit sector!  I love the philanthropic nature of my job.  I love the schools I attended for my education (all nonprofit).  I love the theaters I worked with (all small, nonprofits).  I love the many world-changing nonprofits I encounter daily.

This brought me to earn a master's degree in nonprofit management in Chicago, which brings me here today.

How Can I Help Your Organization?

I have no direct goal with this website other than to:

  • Share resources and information I've gathered to help improve others' efforts in the nonprofit sector;
  • Be a voice of advocacy for how philanthropy can provide a sustainable impact in the lives of others;
  • Promote the missions of some of my favorite nonprofit organizations; and,
  • Use the website as a platform to share my own personal journey through the "Accidentally in Love" blog.

While I strive to have a well-rounded knowledge base of many other disciplines, my strongest suits include online philanthropy, nonprofit board development and governance, marketing, and direct mail.  I believe that these, while not conclusive, are instrumental to the success of all types of nonprofit organizations in our society.