Music has always been an instrumental aspect of my life.  I cannot imagine a life without music.

In 2007, I completed a dream to release an independent album.  The album is titled Esperanza which translates to "Hope" in Spanish.  The entire album is solely piano pieces composed, performed, and recorded by yours truly.  I'm happy to share it on this website for all to listen to for free!  Click the link below to listen now.


Or If You Prefer...

You can also listen to the album using popular services such as Spotify, iTunes, or Amazon Prime Music.

Patrick T Murphy

By the Way:  Sophomore Album On the Way

I've been working on a second album for some time now.  I've been hampered by lack of inspiration the past few years, to be honest.  But I have some good songs in the works.  Its going to have more instruments and even lyrics on this one, too!

Stay tuned!